Winning hearts and minds with the message of LIFE.

Right to Life

​of Sanilac County

We are a nonpartisan, nonsectarian, nonprofit organization of diverse and caring people united to protect the precious gift of human life from fertilization to natural death.

We strive to achieve the passage and ratification of a Human Life Amendment, to educate people on identified Right to Life issues, to motivate them to action, to encourage community support for and participation in programs and legislation that foster respect and protection for human life.

We work on behalf of defenseless or vulnerable human beings, born and unborn, within our identified issues of abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Abortion is any act or procedure performed with the willful intent to cause death of an unborn child from conception to birth.  As such, abortion is a grave act of injustice​ toward the child and a clear violation of the child's natural, unalienable right to life.

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The defense of human life is a vast and encompassing assignment.  It contains a host of related and interdependent issues, such as capital punishment, the ethics of war, sex education, family planning, child and spouse abuse and the prevention of all violence, including that against the unborn.  At the hub of each of these issues is the respect for human life - a respect and protection that were attacked by the United States Supreme Court on January 22, 1973.

At that time, with one quick blow the Supreme Court of the United States withdrew the right to life from its unborn citizens throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy, and presumably from  those "not capable of meaningful life."  This right to life is both explicit and inherent in our country's founding documents, and it is the first of the "unalienable rights" which have drawn people from every country in the world to make their homes within our shores.

The Supreme Court action has given impetus to the rise of what has come to be called the "Right to Life" movement., of which we are a part.  The Right to Life umbrella covers many heads: we are Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Muslims and others. We come from a wide spread of educational and cultural backgrounds.  We carry different sized pocketbooks.  And we cover almost every shade of political opinion.  In the long years since we necessarily came together, we have learned who we are, how to respect each other's diverse views, and what it is we have to do to accomplish the goals upon which we are mutually agreed.  We reserve the right to identify those goals and to set our own priorities, just as very valid organization has that right, and we propose not to be diverted from them.

We have identified our long range goal as the addition to our Constitution of a Human Life Amendment which will protect all human beings from creation, through fertilization or its equivalent, until natural death. Until that is accomplished, we will continue to move within the framework of the law to educate, inform and encourage our fellow citizens to reverence the lives of others, born and unborn.

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Infanticide ​has a long history, and several countries have routinely practiced it for several reasons, including birth control, to destroy handicapped individuals seen as unfit and to kill female children because of cultural preference for males.  While infanticide is currently considered a much bigger taboo than abortion in America, it still takes place today in the U.S. and in other countries around the world.

​Pregnancy services and adoption referral in michigan

If you or someone you know is experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy or if you need information on adoption or post-abortion assistance, you do have options. For help, please call 1-800-57-WOMAN (1-800-579-6626) a toll-free hotline, any time, day or night, to be connected to a caring, confidential help agency (para espanol, llamar 1-866-767-2466).  Men may call 1-877-LIFE OPTIONS (1-877-543-3678.  Or go to our online list of help agencies.  

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide is defined as a deliberate action with the express intention of ending a life to relieve intractable suffering.  From its inception Right to Life of Michigan has been opposed to the social acceptance of assisted suicide and euthanasia.  We believe that accepting these forms of intentional killing reflects a complete disrespect for the dignity of each person and of each person's right to life.  Assisted Suicide and euthanasia embody a literally fatalistic response to illness and disability -- offering death as a solution to the challenges of life.